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Today we’re looking at a software mod that will get Pico 8 running natively on your Retroid Pocket 4 Pro and, with some tweaks, other Android devices as well.

Thanks to jtischer1979 on reddit for the detailed guide on reddit to do this. And also a big thank you to PCBWay for spnsoring this video.

  1. Download winlator
  2. Install
  3. Allow obb image download (screenshot)
  4. Pay for and download the pico 8 zip folder for Windows (I did this on PC but you can also log in and download on your device)
  5. Plug in your handheld and enable file transfer
  6. Extract the zip file and drag it to your internal storage on your device
  7. Start Winlator. Create a new container by pressing the “+” button on the upper right.
    • Here you can name the container Pico8 and adjust your settings to:
    • screen size: 1024×768 (4:3)
    • Graphics Driver: Turnip + Zink (you may need to use LLVMpipe)
    • Audio Driver: Alsa
    • For the CPU config, I use cores 3-7.
    • The rest on the main screen can be default.
    • Importantly, at the DX Components tab, use the Native (Windows) DirectSound if not set by default.
    • Press the blue check mark
  8. Tap on the 3 dots at the right hand side of your Pico8 container
  9. Tap “Run”
  10. You may need a mouse here but you can use touch aswell
  11. Navigate to D:\ and find the pico8 folder
  12. Open the folder, right click (two finger tap) on pico8.exe and “Create Shortcut”
  13. At the left hand side of the window tap on Desktop
  14. Find the pico8.desktop file, right click (two finger tap), and select “edit”
  15. Now find the line that starts with “Exec…” and add “-splore” at the end with a space so it reads something like this: Exec=env WINEPREFIX=”/home/xuser/.wine” wine D:\\\pico-8\\\pico8.exe -splore (to enable a keyboard tap with four fingers and select “Keyboard” then type -splore in the correct place, tap with four fingers again, and tap “Keyboard” again)
  16. Now select File > Save, and then close the window
  17. Tap with four fingers again and select “Exit”
  18. Now let’s run through the startup process so exit the app altogether.
  19. First make sure you’re connected to the interwebs
  20. If you’re running Daijisho, go to widgets and create an app shortcut to Winlator
  21. Now tap on Winlator, tap on the top left “hamburger” button
  22. Tap on Shortcuts
  23. Now tap on pico8
  24. Hooraaaaaaaaaaay!! (if it’s not time for hooray, try switching the Graphics driver [see video]
  25. ISSUES:
    • I can’t get the dpad working which kind of sucks
    • Also pressing the dpad dims the screen, so if anyone out there knows how to fix this leave us a comment and I will pin it to the comments below.

Now just navigate through Splore and find some games. You can also look out for my “5 cool Pico 8 games” coming up soon, so please subscribe for that.