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SystemBios filename
Gameboy Advancegba_bios.bin
MegaDrive (Genesis)bios_CD_E.bin bios_CD_J.bin bios_CD_U.bin
Playstationscph1001.bin (a few options here)
  • Regarding Playstation ROMS – minUI supports .chd ; .pbp ; and folders with .cue and .bin files HOWEVER RetroGameCorps’ standalone emulator does NOT support .chd and .pbp roms so if you plan to use this, it may be easier just to stick to folders with .cue and .bin files in them
  • If you haven’t already. Power down your GKD pixel, remove the SD card and plug it into your computer using an SD card reader
  • Backup/clone the Pixel’s SD card (or you can live on the edge and just drag the contents of the ROMS card to your desktop like I did)
    • download miniTool Partition Wizard
    • Insert the target (backup sd card) and source sd card (Pixel’s card) – use the same sized SD card
    • In miniTool Partition Wizard right click on the Pixel’s SD card and select copy
    • Find you destination SD card and say NEXT
    • Make these selections and say NEXT
  • Then just say FINISH and APPLY
  • Within the Roms folder on your SD card, I went in and deleted the old folders. This may actually be necessary in order to make space for the new pre-populated Roms folder from your computer. Just make sure you’ve either backed up your Roms or already added them to the new Roms folder for minUI i.e. don’t lose your roms!
  • Now drag the ; gkdpixel ; Roms ; Bios folders from the unzipped minUI folder to the root of the ROMS partition of your SD card.
  • See my video for a bit more clarity here:
  • If it asks to overwrite anything, just say yes
  • Now return to your beloved Pixel and insert the SD card and power on the device
  • Once powered on open APP – File Manager and navigate to media/roms/gkdpixel/
  • Make sure that file is highlighted and press the A button
  • Then select Execute – minUI will now install
  • THAT’S IT!
  • Now RetroGameCorps’ addons – power down your GKD Pixel
  • Remove the SD card and insert it into your computer with an SD card reader
  • Simply drag the contents of RetroGameCorps’ addons folder to the root of your ROMS partition
  • Also note that RetroGameCorps has added some extra systems to play and a music player
  • THEN simply refer to RetroGameCorps’ very comprehensive readme file – essentially, if you find a game that doesn’t work well, move it to the additional folder provided by his addon and it will play from the standalone emulator
  • NOTE: this will cause the handy unified menu system to NOT work in those specific games, so while we’re adding performance, we’re losing some user-friendliness.


  • Autosave shutdown – powersave and auto power off – it will increase battery life considerably
  • Minimal menu
  • On screen prompts
  • Unified UI with RetroArch backend
  • Scaling is very easy now in the new user interface
  • You can also create Shortcuts very easily in the new menu system
  • I love that it uses the menu button throughout
  • Recently played is a great menu feature
  • You can make collections by creating folders on the SD card (see readme)
  • Menu + vol for brightness
  • Improved performance and more systems with RetroGameCorps’ addons
  • Music player is there but it would be nice if someone could work on it


  • Even without RetroGameCorps’ addon, minUI makes the Pixel feel complete
  • My review said the UI was just as bad as the design and hardware is good – ie the UI was terrible – but minUI fixes this completely
  • Once again, the community has saved a device. This is, in my view, the best all round mini device on the market now, let down only by its lacklustre screen. You can expect there to be a 3 month later review of this, because it’s going into my personal rotation.